Princeton Food Project


Princeton Food Project (PFP) is a collective of interdisciplinary scholars whose work significantly engages issues connected to food, society, and the environment. 

Our mission is simple: to foster an intellectual network that will focus on food from many perspectives that address the social, ethical, aesthetic, and ecological complexity of food cultures and food systems as well as their histories and possible futures.  

PFP is a Humanities Council Magic Project, jointly sponsored by faculty working in the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences. We host speakers from around the world, support each other in continuing to offer and further developing innovative and engaging curriculum including a foundational course as well as higher-level seminars, and facilitate community partnerships.



Collective of faculty from the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences with a rotating Steering Committee.


Courses offered from across the University that focus on topics of food studies and food systems are gathered as a resource for students and faculty. 


Constellation of events featuring innovative and inspiring scholars, artists, activists, and thought leaders who explore, imagine, and think critically about food studies.